Vero 4k+ Crashing/Freezing

Hello guys,
Just wondering if anyone might be able to lend a hand, please? :slight_smile:

Recently the Vero 4K+ has been crashing and or freezing randomly often, I’d say probably hmm 2-4 times every fortnight. I can’t find any pattern or action that causes the crashes or the freezing.
When the system does crash, displaying the blue sad face, it generally restarts. However when the system Freezes, I am unable to restart, stop, or start the Vero via the CLI. The only way to unfreeze it is by simply removing the DC power plug.

I’m not too sure what type of information might be useful. The link to the logs is below.
Vero connects to NAS via autofs.
1x for movie share, 1x for tv share 1x for music share, 1x for photo share

Many thanks in advance for any assistance & please do accept my apologies for any delayed responses on my part!

That is only the apt logs, you would need to use grab-logs -A (capital A) or in MyOSMC Log Uploader choose all to have a starting point to investigate.

If I to make a wild guess on one cause, I would say it’s heat related.

Process of elimination: take off the cover and point an ordinary room fan at it and run it as you did before. See what happens.

If it still does it, I’d probably rebuild it with a new image and go from there.

“When all is said and done, there’s nothing left to say or do.” - Yogi Berra

Please don’t encourage users to void their warranty.

Let’s see some full logs before we start performing physical interventions.

Gotcha. OK

Hi fzinken,

Ohh, oops sorry. Please see below for a new link using the command with a -A this time.


Seems you only enabled debug logging after the crash. Would be interesting to see logs now with debug logging enable after the next time it crashes.

As a side note your Path Substitution looks wrong as the From/To lines are identical.

One item in the logs before the crash is OZ Weather, so maybe you want to try to disable that addon to see if the Vero becomes more stable.

I’m unable to reproduce the issue as it has been quite randomly, without any pattern that I can see.

I actually no longer use Path Substitution and migrated to autofs. (it’s working great! :slight_smile: )
Ok, good idea. I’ll disable that now.

Quick question regarding the debug logging and the screen overlay. While waiting for the next system crash/freeze, would I be able to temperally remove the debug overlay with; nano ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml I’m not too sure if it’d either; decrease, increease or even be a good idea?

Then remove the last bit you have in there as it doesn’t make sense

Yes with <loglevel>1</loglevel>