Vero 4K+ Crashing on thumbnail generation of large photos

The last report I find about the issue that Vero 4K+ is crashing on thumbnail generation of large pictures in a folder of many pictures are very old. Is this still a known and non-fixable bug or I need to troubleshoot why this is occurring on my installation?

To my knowledge, it’s not a known issue.

How large are the pictures which cause a crash?

The photos what I take with my Panasonic DMC-LX15 camera are 5472 x 3080 pictures in the size of 6-7MB per file. When I open a folder containing such pictures, then osmc crashes after generating ~15 thumbnails (±5), meaning I have to open such folder for 6 times if I have 100 photos in it to get all thumbnails generated and to not crash any more.

When I open a folder taken with a phone in a resolution of 3840 x 2160, file size of 3-4MB, then this is not happening. Thumbnail generation is ok even for a large folder.

It’s possible that some pictures are causing the crash, i.e. they could be corrupted.

This is happening with all my folders, so I don’t believe so.
Shall I share a folder like that with you? Or the crashlog if there is any somewhere?

Is it possible to crash Kodi with just a single thumbnail generation, ie one file in the folder?

Can you upload some debug logs so I can check the specific error


No, it is not possible to crash Kodi with one file.
Moreover, firstly I created a test folder with 40 pictures and Kodi was not crashing on that one either.
Then I created a test folder /photo_album/3 in the log with 80 images and this time Kodi was crashing at around the 50-60st thumbnail generated.

I hope you can catch something in the log, because I couldn’t :slight_smile:

In the meantime I tried with an other folder taken with an other phone in similar resolution and file size as with my Panasonic camera and Kodi was crashing with this folder too, so this doesn’t seem to be camera specific, rather the resolution/ file size of the images and the number of pictures in the folder.

The logs show that Kodi is being killed by the OOM (out of memory killer). The device has 2GB RAM, which is quite sufficient under normal circumstances.

Let’s hope that photo viewing is improved in Kodi v19 and the issue isn’t present in the newer version.
You could try enabling a swap file - but it’s not clear how large this would need to be and this could impact system performance; as well as increase wear on the eMMC

Have you tried settings>media>pictures>automatically generate thumbnails>[disable]

I also noticed you tweaked your recently added video items to 150 in your advancedsettings.xml file. There is usually a performance and memory impact to doing this. Unless you really go that far back you might consider dialing that back a bit.

Thank you for Both!

Do you think @sam_nazarko that anyone has done any keypress codewise on the picture section from the team? I don’t think so. Maybe we can hope some improvement by a side effect of another improvement? …but yes, an improvement would be definitely needed, because picture viewing in the resolution is slow like hell on the Vero.

@darwindesign I haven’t tried disabling thumbnail generation, because I would like to have the thumbnails :slight_smile:
As for the recently added, thanks for the tip, I will try dialing this back.

Many thanks again!