Vero 4k crashing when starting a video while another one is still running

Ok this has happened two times to me now:

While one TV Episode is about to be finished (just end credits left), I hit „back“ (not „stop“!) to get me back to list, select the next epsisode and boom, sad face and complete osmc crash, I am thrown to the OS login like I see when I log into the Vero with ssh.

I would not mind the sad face, but being thrown out of gui (or whatever happened) means I have to pull the power plug to restart the device.

I can not always reproduce the issue and it happened both times when watching 4k content.

Anyone else experiencing the issue?

You must be on the staging repository, this is known issue. To fix it:

sudo apt install vero3-mediacenter-osmc=18.2.0-6

WIll remove the updates. And to prevent this in the future, remove the staging repository from your sources.list

Actually I reinstalled osmc today and just imported my library via backup addon. But I do what you said anyway…

… after doing it via ssh, it seems that this did nothing as it states „0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 15 not upgraded“.

This may be a different issue then. So please post logs of the problem happening so someone can take a look.

Will do if I find a way to reproduce the issue… in 9 out of 10 it will just do fine. The 1 of 10 would not be the problem if I wouldn‘t be thrown out of osmc completely. I guess I will have to actually stop all videos before starting a new one.

The next time it happens post the logs after Kodi starts again. The old kodi log is saved, so there may be something useful there still. Or, if you can SSH in when it crashes, you can run grab-logs -A and post the URL here.


Few potential factors here – but thanks for the report.

If you can narrow it down (re. how to reproduce or get us some logs); it would be appreciated.

In the interim we’re working on some video playback issues, but we can’t really guarantee to solve issues we’re not aware of.



I’ve also seen this from time to time since moving to Leia, had it since the gmc nightlies. I’ve mainly seen it when channel hopping - i.e. using channel up/down buttons: which has happned just now…debug logs here:

Wouldnt say its as often as 1 in 10 for me, and dont seem to be able to reproduce at will. But does seem to be when switching from one file or steam to another.

1 out of 10 was just a guess, but it happened to me 2 times the last 5 days, though both times on the same content (Game of Thrones s01 UHD)… like you, I absolutely cannot reproduce the issue, it seems very random.