Vero 4K Crashing

Something quite odd is going on with my Vero4K and im struggling to get to the bottom of it.
A couple of months back, I moved my media source from one IP address to another. Im fairly certain I’ve captured all changes within Kodi and all my media appears to be accessible, everything in all my media libraries plays fine.
Im also fairly certain that after the media location change, the Vero/Kodi has been fine, and 100% as expected.

Fairly recently, all media has stopped updating, and when ever I try and clean the library, the Vero will crash.
Ive uploaded a log here:

Just before uploading the log, I forced a media update, followed by clean library operation, of which it crashed and I immediately uploaded the logs.

Would welcome any advice, thanks

There are obvisouly a couple of files that are not anymore on your NAS (like /mnt/Videos/Movies/Adult/The Year The Earth Changed/ but that might be totally normal. A cleaning of the database should not crash.
Unfortunately last entry of the log is
2021-05-28 08:30:17.479 T:4072058896 NOTICE: CleanDatabase: Starting videodatabase cleanup ..

Is the updating of the system time in between.

Jan 19 09:46:48 osmc kernel: hdmitx channel mask = 7
May 28 08:31:05 osmc http-time[359]: Updated time from Tue Jan 19 09:46:49 UTC 2021 to Fri May 28 07:31:05 UTC 2021 using HTTP query to

When the crash happens is just Kodi restarting or the whole box?
Could it be a power problem?

The whole system is locking up, it hangs.
The most Ive left it for is 15 mins before powering it down. Im happy to leave it longer if you think its worth it, but in the past its normally a ~10 second operation.

During cleaning you get the “cancel” button pop up but it wont accept any commands and wont let me cancel, the system is frozen. I cant tell apart whether its Kodi or Vero, but my suspicion is Kodi.

Well easy test would be to login via SSH before you initate the clean. That would tell you if the system still reacts.

Yes, I can SSH during the crash, login and out fine.

That means only Kodi freezes. Wondering that there is nothing additionally in the logs then.
What happens if you do sudo systemctl stop mediacenter?

It shuts down Kodi completely. Similarly, sudo systemctl start mediacenter then starts it.
does this without needing a hard power cycle.

That is really odd. Not doing anything in the logs but also not crashed that far.

I think it might be easiest to try to remove the database and let it scrape again.
sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideos116.db .kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideos116.db.old
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Right, issue fixed!

Followed your steps above, and when refreshing my video sources, it wasnt returning any content.

I had to go back into the video sources, which were all set to Contains “None”, and select Movies/TV Shows as applicable.

I guess somewhere along the lines and possibly with the change in media source, these had reverted back to ‘None’.

The sources update and the library cleans instantly, thanks for your help @fzinken :+1: