Vero 4k Danish keyboard layout (Kodi)

Hi, I have purchased a Vero 4k which I’m very pleased with, but I have a problem that matters to me. I have connected a wireless logitech keyboard into one usb port and it apparently seemed to work out of the box BUT there is trouble I can not change the keyborad layout so it supports Danish characters (ÆØÅ) in Kodi it is something that is being worked on to solve ? - I have read a bit about on the forum but did not find a solution that works?

I have tried:

Sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales - (and selected Danish)

Afterwards I have tried

Sudo apt purge console setup
Sudo apt install console-common
Sudo dpkg-reconfigure console data - (and selected Danish)

None of these helps the problem in kodi with (ÆØÅ)

Thanks in advance

might wanna check settings in kodi also cause chaning in console wont set kodi layout

I have changed settings in kodi for Danish keyboard but it does not solve the problem still can not use (ÆØÅ)

Did u uncheck english also in Kodi ?

Yes I have removed English in the settings in kodi settings - I also see that people have had problems earlier with Danish keyboard layout if I look at the forum but have not found a solution?

Just tried here and its all working just fine… doubt there are much differances in Kodi even if its on a RPI3

You can try console-setup but still some people report issues with the keys.

Are you trying to get the keyboard to primarily work in Kodi or the console?

I try to make it work in kodi but can not make it work despite i have tried the above things that I wrote earlier?! And it’s very frustrating

Looks similar to Different HW keyobard input languages.

@Toast: so you say you have it working for you? Are you using the Chromium browser which installs X11?

nope no addons, clean install (2 days old) worked just fine

I’m working on this. I think it’s a Kodi problem, but can you @Toast tell me exactly which keyboard layout (keymap) you are using? Layouts work - like AZERTY and QWERTZ but non-Latin characters don’t on my devices.

qwerty - swedish works just fine ie åäö

Very odd. There is really no difference between the way Kodi deals with Swedish and with Danish. Are you on Pi, Vero or ATV? I can’t get either to work on Vero.

I’m going to try a clean install tomorrow and pretend to be a Swede.

on a Pi3, i seldom have issues ask Sam :smiley: