Vero 4K+ dead? Already tried spare PSU

Hello there,

All of a sudden my Vero 4K+ has died.
Forum search reveals that often it is due to PSU issues.

I have 2 Vero 4K+ in my household - and tried the PSU from the working Vero - which runs flawlessly.

When connecting the PSU - I see the red cross light up briefly - and then turn off.
Nothing happens on screen - and I’m not able to connect to terminal. (host unreachable).


If the red LED turns off, then this would suggest the device is booting.

I would try reinstall OSMC,

Alright - will give it a shot later today when I’m off duty

Vero resurrected with a fresh install of OSMC.

Had I had a recent backup - would it contain log files which could help me figure out why it had a catastrophic failure?

Just curios - if anyone could shed some light upon that.

It would be system logs where such information might be found and the backup wouldn’t contain those.

Good to know - thanks @darwindesign