Vero 4K dead

Vero 4K decided to reboot itself whilst in operation and everything seemed fine after the reboot and I continued watching content. I suspended the unit like I normally do and the red light came on. However, now the red light stays on and pulses for around 30 seconds but nothing else. It won’t turn on and won’t boot from the USB stick I created. I guess this might be the end of this unit.

Could be just the end of the power supply. Have you got another 5V 2A unit you could try (either with a barrel plug or USB)?

If it’s flashing red it’s likely not getting enough constant power


Found about six other chargers but none of them have the correct rating. Typical!

Flashes for 30 seconds and is then stable.

The red light stays stable?

Do you have a USB cable you could use to power?

Only micro-usb or usb-c. No A to A. I might just order another power supply. Only £10.00.

New power supply fixed the problem. The Vero lives!

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Glad to hear this.