Vero 4K – Delays in accessing folders and interruptions during playback


I have very often problems with the playback of mkv movie files (720p/1080p, no 4K) on an external hard drive (Seagate) which is connected to my Vero 4K via USB. The typical issue is that access to folders and files takes a long time and the stream then usually stutters after a few seconds, freezes, and then the playback stops and a black screen is displayed for seconds. Sometimes a blue circle with the number 100 inside is displayed before stopping. It also happens that the Vero hangs up completely during the access while the activity wheel is still displayed, but not turning.

Although the hard drive works perfectly on my Apple Mac and a diagnosis did not reveal any errors, I suspect that something is wrong with the drive. I have therefore uploaded a log file ( with the request that someone takes a look at it. I am a complete layman and do not understand such messages. For the logging, I had opened and closed several movie files, until the error described above appeared with the last logged file access.

I think the problems cannot be due to the used USB cable, as the movie files on another hard drive (WD) are played back without any disturbances or delays.

How is the hard drive powered?

Via USB, just like the other disk, with which there are no problems.
I should mention that the problems were not there at the beginning, they have appeared over time (years) and have become more and more pronounced.

Powering drives via USB directly is not supported. You need to use a powered hub such as the one in the store or you will degrade your device’s power supply and experience issues.