Vero 4K+ does not play HDR correctly

Cutting a long story short, I have been calibrating my Samsung QLED for HDR using a profiled XRite IDisplay Pro colorimter.

While I was able to calibrate SDR fine, Its been dismal with HDR. The max nits I can get with a 10% White window is 480 nits. The display is capable of 1500+ nits!. I just tried the same on a CoreElec based box and I get the full nits so obviously the Vero is capping.

Analysis/srory here (mombasa123) :

Scroll up for the history.

Actually hold u a sec. Vero is connected to an EGreat Splitter. Let me pull that out of the equation.

The default output is 1000nits as fallback if we cannot parse this data.

Please post MediaInfo output of the file.
What is the SoC of the CE box? If it is S905/S912, then it uses the OSMC kernel. CE use the OSMC kernel for GX(L) devices, which means that the HDR pathway is identical.

Ok Vero is innocent. It’s actually the HDMI 1 port on my TV that’s clipping. HDMI 2 is fine. Vero works fine with that.


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No problem.