Vero 4K+ does not power on with Remote Control

Last week I got my new Vero 4K+ and at the moment I have only one issue: I can’t power it on with the remote control.

I’m using the original power supply and have nothing attached to the USB port (just the needed dongle for the remote control).
I run the first installation, updated everything to the latest version and scanned my movies from my NAS. I already watched 3 TV show episodes from my NAS and everything is fine and I’m really happy with this tiny box. :slight_smile:

Except one thing: When I choose the power off function from Kodi, the device shuts down and the red LED appears. But in this status it’s not possible to power on the device from the remote control anymore.
I need to plug off/plug in the power cable and then it starts automatically. I guess this is not the way it should work. :wink:

Did I miss something? I also tried to use the other options in the power off menu. But these just restart Kodi after a couple of seconds.

The device was never used before I got it, so there should be no wrong configuration on it.

The Vero 4K+ is connected via HDMI to a Pioneer AV-Receiver, which is used as HDMI passthrough switch to my Sony TV. I don’t use HDMI CEC, as I’m controlling the TV and the AV-Receiver with my Harmony RC. (The Vero will be controlled by the Vero RC only)

Would be glad, if I could fix this issue…Thanks

Like most SBC based media players the Vero is intended to be left running all the time. The power off option is mainly there so it can be safely shut down before unplugging it.

You can use the Suspend option instead of Power Off if you wish to change this behaviour.

You can then wake it by pressing any button on the remote.


Thanks! I thought I tested all options of the power off menu and all (except the power off) restarted the device automatically after a couple of seconds. But I tested it today again and the suspend command works fine now. Most important, I can now enable the device from the RC again without unplugging the power cable first. :grin:

I don’t know how much energy the device will consume in this suspend mode (will test this in the future and report it here), as I’m using this device only on some days per week (or even less). And energy costs are an important factor these days. At least in europe. (And for our environment, it’s still best if we don’t waste unnecessary energy. Always-on devices should be avoided, if possible. IMHO)

btw when I’m switching the HDMI source on my AV-receiver, my PS5 and the Vero 4K+ will power on (Vero from suspend mode) automatically. Didn’t know this, so some CEC seems active here. But it’s ok now. :wink:

2,3 Watt (people before you have already measured it)

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