Vero 4k - does the Kodi SkyGo add-on work?

Hi all,

Does the Kodi SkyGo add-on work on the Vero 4k?

I can only find two references in the forum, both from January 2018, and both for the Raspberry Pi.

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Hi RR,

No idea.

Do we need Sky to test it?


Hi Sam,

Yep, a Sky package subscription is required (my mum has one…)

Having investigated, the kodi add-on only seems to work with the sports channels, and requires New Zealand Sky accounts, so it’s looking like it’s a no go.


Seems a bit odd.

I know the add-on was used in the past. I’d be surprised if it’s only available for the Kiwis.

Hopefully others can assist.


Cheers Sam,

I’m not as lucid as I could be right now!

Fingers crossed that this add-on can be made to work. It’d be a handy bonus to watch Sky content on the Vero.

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I had a look at this a while back and I dont think its ever worked with UK content, I think it was working with German Sky at some point.
I think it’s something to do with Skys DRM or silverlight or something like that.

Its irritating as I have to use a PS4 to use Sky Go, which has the output locked at 60Hz, meaning the 25 fps Sky content looks pretty horrible.

Id bloody love a working SkyGo solution for Kodi.

Edit: Upon further inspection the New Zealand Sky TV company isn’t anything to do with the Sky we have in the UK and the rest of Europe, I thought there was something odd as their branding is completely different, from their wiki:

Despite the similarity of name and services, such as Sky Go and My Sky+ shared with its British equivalent, Sky, there is no connection between the companies.

Sky have always been notoriously aggressive with their DRM, so I wouldn’t expect there to be a solution anytime soon.

That’s a real shame.

Thanks for the detective work