Vero 4k+ doesn't play iPhone videos (.mov)


Matroska has no rotation flag as far as I know. Kodi also can’t do it as far as I know. VLC can do it but no clue if that can work on osmc


Thanks, didn’t know that.
I just remuxed all the files to .mp4 and now it’s the same as .mov, the thumbnail is rotated properly but it doesn’t play. Maybe Kodi or the Vero 4k+ just doesn’t like rotated videos …


You could try disabling HW acceleration and see if the mp4 files play


Just did some more tests:
.mp4 with HW acceleration, without rotation: plays
.mp4 with HW acceleration, with rotation: doesn’t play
.mp4 without HW acceleration, with rotation: plays

Is there a fix for this or should I just disable HW acceleration when playing rotated videos?


I think this is fixed in Kodi v18


Nice, is there an ETA on the final release?


When it’s ready. We need to wait for a stable release from TK first.


Have you tried playing the original mov files with hw acceleration disabled?

Maybe muxing to mp4 isn’t even required