Vero 4K+ don't fall in standby (randomly)

Hello all,

Each time i shut off TV with CEC parameter, the VERO 4K+ fall in stand by. That is the normal way i want it.

But, sometime, when i shut off the TV the VERO 4K+ don’t fall in stand by. I don’t know why. When it’s not working, i’ts also impossible to put vero in standby directly by menu…

Thanks for your help

Log are here (i hope the log are ok, otherwise tell me i’ll post new one) :


I’ve taken a look and it is going in to standby, but another key press is occurring which instantly wakes the device again.

For example, you select the Suspend option, but then we see the Back key is registered as a press on your remote:

2021-03-29 10:50:54.608 T:4065168576   DEBUG: HandleKey: menu (0xd8) pressed, action is Back

This causes the device to wake again (as we wake it on any keypress)


Many thanks Sam for this research !! But how to correct it ? and why is it randomly ? Also why having also this problem when i try to standby by menu ?
Thanks again
I have another log as i have the problem again tonight:



Are you using your TV remote to control the device? It seems so.

It’s possible this remote is sending excess keys.
Simple test would be to try and standby with your OSMC remote. See if you still have the issue when you do it this way.

CEC can be a tremendous pain to debug – but my first recommendation is to power everything off at the wall for five minutes. It fixes a lot of CEC issues.


Yes i use TV remote.
I have power off everything as you sayed.

No it’s not my TV remote who is sending 2 times things.

I have tryed from the keyboard and it 's the same : when i launch the STANDBY menu it’s don’t work sometime (and other time yes… ).

So it come from OSMC it self… I know random problem are hard to solve. But it’s very difficult to use Vero is this basic thing is’not solve… Any idea ?

Many thanks

Please show a log when using the supplied OSMC remote.

I can’t see how the additional keys are originating from OSMC.

Ok but OSMC remote don’t work anymore. Battery are ok in OSMC remote, but (perhaps, i don’t remenber) i have discard some addon to reconize it (because it add double comands with my TV remote) . Could you tell me what i have to do to get it run again ?

If you haven’t used it in a while, it probably just needs re-pairing.

Hold Home and OK before inserting the USB dongle.

OK thanks.
I have changed my mind. I no longer use TV OFF CEC to standby the Vero. Vero is standby after 15mn of non use. I’ll see in time if it work and if it is simple (for familly…). Thanks again Sam

after several days using like it: it work fine: I no longer use TV OFF CEC to standby the Vero. Vero is standby after 15mn of non use.

Thanks Sam,

It’s solved post for me :slight_smile: