Vero 4k+ Drive Case

Can we get a version of the 4k+ with a space for a 2.5" hard drive? Much like intel does two versions of the NUC, it would be great for the Vero to have this. Despite the gigabit ethernet, I like to use the local hard drive as a caching in particular for high-bandwidth 4k movies.


There are no plans to do this at this time.

What are 2.5" capacities like these days? I’d suspect if we did a 2.5" case; we’d get requests for a 3.5" case for better capacity.

This would require a rework of how power is delivered to the USBs.


It would be great if Sam could bring an OSMC 6-bay NAS to market.


What’s wrong with any other currently available 6-bay NAS?

Well, current NAS solutions lack HDMI out, optical out, IR/RF receivers, etc…
In addition, perhaps your sarcasm filter is wound a bit too tight. :wink:


Robert, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

Sam, to answer your question, 5tb is the maximum for a 2.5" hard drive.


I’m not sure how sarcasm was inferred from my question. More of a nudge to consider a fairly well known
phenomenon among those familiar with technology. Most dual purpose devices that have been made available to consumers, for instance many modem/router/wap devices, rarely perform as well as individual devices that are meant to serve a single propose.

The sarcasm I refer to is contained in my initial post.


QNAP does have all these :grin:

I would LOVE a case with space or a 2.5 drive. I carry one with me between locations all the time, would be SO much more convient to have it as an internal drive with 2usb ports as well.