Vero 4k+ DTS decoding

I can’t get vero 4k+ to decode dts properly.

Vero 4k+ connected to tv with hdmi, no passthrough
LG CX (no dts support) connected to AVR with optical
AVR without arc or 4k (dolby and dts support)

When I play dts videos from Vero I can usually only hear the music track. In some videos I can get stereo with speach included. No 5.1 (or PCM).

5.1 works with dolby.

Any recommendations to get 5.1 audio from dts?

Details information can be found in the following guide but in short you need to set your channels to 2.0, enable passthrough for AC3 and DTS, and enable AC3 transcode.

It worked! Thank you!

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