Vero 4k+ DTS-MA 5.1 audio upscaled to 7.1 by default?

Hi, it has been like this since I started using the Vero for some years ago already. But now I upgraded to more channels (7.4.2), I am wondering why the Vero is upscaling 5.1 to 7.1 tracks? It is not a big issue but I would like to let this kind of processing being handled by the AV processor I am using. If I check the number or RAW channels on the Vero with a 5.1 track I see Kodi is mentioning 8 RAW tracks instead of 6. Or is this standard Kodi behaviour?

Is this possible to let the the AV processor handle this kind of upscaling?

There is a guide to cover how to configure the audio which you can read here…

What your likely wanting to do is turn on passthrough audio so your AVR is getting the soundtrack directly instead of Kodi decoding it and outputting it to an LPCM stream.

Also are you sure that Kodi is actually remixing a 5.1 to 7.1 as I don’t think that is something it can actually do. Perhaps you have your AVR set such that it is using DTS Neural:X, DTS Virtual:X, one of the Dolby formats that act similar when it sees a Multichannel PCM signal come in.

Thank you for your help, but everything is already set in the right way and of course I am using passthrough other wise Atmos won’t work etc. :slight_smile:

I can see Kodi is producing 8 RAW streams if I look into the info screen which can be opened to check video and audio stream, So way before the audio streams goes to the AV processor.

So question remains the same. Why is Kodi producing 8 RAW audio streams instead of 6 and can this be changed? To be honest this is also not according to my expectation, so that’s why I am asking.


I just did a couple basic tests and I’m not seeing this behavior. With my Kodi set to it’s normal settings of 7.1 channels and all the passthrough options checked a movie with a stereo PCM soundtrack showed in the information screen of my Denon AVR as receiving two RAW channels. I then turned off passthrough and played a movie with a 5.1 AC3 soundtrack and checked my AVR and it showed as receiving 3/2/.1 RAW input. If you supplied some logs then perhaps someone may be able to spot some reason why your getting unexpected behavior.

Yes of course. I will do so later today… it might be happening only with DTS MDA. I will do some tests with different standards also.

Hi, I have done some tests and log file for DTS MA 5.1 track, which plays with 8 RAW channels is enclosed. This happens with all DTS MDA 5.1 files (MKV).

Log file is:
Video starts with AC3 5.1 which plays with 6 RAW channels, but as soon as I switch to the DTS-HD MA 5.1 track it starts to play with 8 RAW channels. Which is 2 to much I think?

Stereo plays fine in 2.0 PCM
DTS 5.1 plays fine with 6 RAW channels
DTS MA 5.1 is not oké, plays with 8 RAW channels
DTS MA 7.1 plays fine with 8 RAW channels
Dolby 5.1 plays fine with 6 RAW channels
Dolby HD 7.1 plays fine with 8 RAW channels

Also see picture in which DTS-MA 5.1 is in place, but you can count 8 RAW channels :slight_smile:

The number of RAW channels has nothing to do with the number of source channels. It’s all about the bandwidth needed in HDMI. TrueHD and DTS-MA will always use 8 channels IIRC.


Oké I am sorry. I thought it was the number of channels sent. Didn’t know about used bandwith needed. So lesson learned today :-). Thank you for the quick response and help!

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