Vero 4k+ fake copy?

Hi Guys,

I would appreciate your help with my new Vero 4K+. I ordered it from eBay this week from a reliable seller. Today I’ve got it unboxed and installed and get very surprised.
When turned it on instead of OSMC screen I’ve got a cheap android TV surface. The device is identified as X96 android box.

The box and device case is for Vero4K+ (according to the pic I found on the web).
Ethernet speed is 1000Mb/s, as I found the original X96 has only 100Mb/s ethernet.

Please give me advice as I’m not pro in OSMC topics:

  • Have I been tricker? Request my money back?
  • I recieved a Vero4K+ but someone installed android on it? Can I move back to OSMC?

Thanks for the support!

I think @sam_nazarko will be interested to see this

Do you have a link to the Ebay listing?


No use crying over spilt milk, but was there any particular reason you didn’t order it from the official store, especially since you’re in the UK?

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I’m not in the UK, I live in Eastern Europe.
The reason I bought from eBay was the free shipping and I had some eBay discount. I could save some £ sure but I was not expecting this.
I’m not crying, I accept the fact if I recieved a fake device… that is my own problem.

I just want to know what I recieved?
An X96 in Vero case or Vero with X96 android uploaded? I didn’t find similar case in the forums that’s why I started this thread.

Is there a chance to reisntall OSMC or bricking it is inevitable?

Can we see a better picture of the device?

He posted a link in his first post

Only thing I can say is that my usb remote dongle is black and his looks red

Did you get a booklet that explains the setup and stuff ?

The true mark of success is when there are fake copies of a device :slight_smile:


Here are some pictures/proofs.
(The orange dongle in the first post is for my wireless keyboard)
Some remarks:

  • the warranty stick is intact
  • the MAC address printed match with the programed MAC address
  • 1000 Mb/s ethernet; Connects to 802.11 ac Wifi
  • LED: power-up: red; standby: no light
  • Storage 16GB; Memory 2GB

This is extremely strange. The seller’s page says they have 10 in stock, but we don’t know who the seller is and they don’t seem to have placed a volume order with us in the past.

They may have purchased the devices from someone else that we sold them to and modified the software. Sometimes people have downloaded Android images from sites like XDAForums and flashed them.

Or, they’re clones.

I don’t think you will be able to install OSMC on the device trivially.

Can you PM me the seller details and your receipt so that we can look in to this in more detail?



Thanks for the PM. It doesn’t look good. I’d suggest getting in touch with the seller.

So are those boxes a hardware fake or „just“ flashed to android for some weird reason?

We have no record of ever selling them to this company on eBay.

Wow. This is a first? Does the red LED turn off when the device is powered on, or does it stay on?

This sure looks like a clone to me.

Sam, send out the enforcers!

I’m dealing with this. Will take a few days to work out what’s going on.

Red LED goes off after boot.

Fascinating. So if it’s a clone it also clones the boot-up LED sequence.

I can’t wait to hear what Sam finds out.

Or maybe it is the far east manufactorer of the actual Vero 4k+ who sells the actual box to others minus the software, hence some android stuff on it instead.

Because the real value of the Vero 4k+ is the software and the support.

The bootloader clears the LED on GPIO interrupt. This was made available to China for testing.

After contacting @Zsxy with some further requests for information I’ve learned a lot. It doesn’t look good. Peripherals that we add in the UK (i.e. remote) are missing.

OSMC is a registered trademark in the EU, so the product cannot be sold with this branding if it is not a real product.

All I will say, briefly, is that if you buy one of these devices, you will receive absolutely no support.

We have no reseller in Germany and I have been trying to find one as it’s a big market. I’m surprised there are so many units available by this re-seller.

If they purchased from a reseller, we’d expect a markup, not a matching of our price.