Vero 4k Flickering GUI


I just received the Vero 4k. After adding my TV Show library and fully updating the unit, the user interface is flickering heavily. Screen goes black and gui appears again after a couple of seconds. The unit is connected to a Samsung UE75KS8005 running GUI in 4k resolution 60hz, but no matter the gui resolution this still happens.

Log is here :


Are the cables connected properly?
Also can you try a different hdmi port and cable?

Make sure your device is up to date and the correct display settings are configured in Kodi


Thanks, I had another HDMI cable lying around and that solved the issue. Cable included with the device apparently not in the best shape. I have other issues watching some blu-ray rips (Game of Thrones Season 1) which is working well on Shield + Kodi, but I will start another thread on it.

Thanks again for your support.

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