Vero 4K+ for sale - Canada or USA

Hi, I have a Vero 4K+ up for sale. I bought it a year or so ago, but never really used it. Selling for 140$CAD (~120$USD) Shipped to any province in Canada or Continental USA.


  • The VERO 4K+ device
  • The power Adapter
  • The Remote

Accepting INTERAC for payment and Paypal (send money as gift). Can also have Paypal (item payment for an extra fee).

Hi, is in Mint Condition?

Yes, basically like new! I didn’t use it, maybe couple of time! I bought it for my “home theater room”, but we end up building a playroom for the kids instead… so i did not install it there but in my bedroom. I end up getting a Firestick because using mostly Youtube and Netflix in my bedroom! So selling it.

Seems high for used, even if not much used. New can be had for $128 approx.

128$ ? :thinking:

Just bought one and it was more like 195$ CAD…

Yes, I don’t know where he can get it at 128$CAD shipped with taxes included!

My guess is he took todays sale price of £107 direct from the OSMC store and converted it to USD which comes out to roughly $128 USD. This sale is probably more attractive to another Canadian than to someone in the US, especially with the current state of getting things through customs right now.

Hey, I’m interested. I’m in Alberta

Good. Can you contact me on a private message? We will arrange the details.

I’ve just created my account. I’m not sure i can create a PM. Can you contact me?