Vero 4k for sale (EU only)

Please tell me if this is not allowed, or frowned upon, and I’ll remove it. I couldn’t find any rules.

I’m just posting because it seems currently it’s hard to find a Vero, so it may be useful for someone.

I’m selling my Vero 4k because I’ve bought a beefier machine.

It is allowed.

The Vero 4K+ are out of stock in advance of the release of the Vero V.

From what I can gather, there doesn’t seem to be any information out there about when the software will be released or how developed it is at the moment. It’s all a bit of a mystery still.

There is another thread where it has already been stated that the final product exists and there are people using them. They just haven’t been made available for purchase yet. I think the last public update was something along the line of “still looking at a summer release.”

I think I’ve seen that one. I’m used to Pine’s hardware releases, so I tend to anticipate that the software might still require some work from the community :sweat_smile:.

We have complete feature parity (playback; 3D; audio output etc) and obviously improvements that the new device brings


That’s great to hear! Can you give us some idea of how long it should take until we can get our hands on it? Is it weeks or months?

I have covered this in the Vero V.

It launches this Summer and we already shipped units to our team.