Vero 4K for sale

4K (not 4K+). Good used condition, fully working. In original box with all orginal accessories.

Will ship to UK only. Payment via PayPal please.

Tried it on eBay, but they wont accept Vero’s apparently (the whiff of KODI perhaps?).

£40 + postage.

PM if interested.

Kodi is a trademark - which might be giving you problems on eBay.

We can (and do sell) the Vero on our eBay outlet without issues - but don’t mention Kodi / XBMC.

I guess you’re right Sam. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it? Wrong on many levels.

Most likely eBay can’t distinguish between pirate Kodi boxes and ‘clean’ devices, so decided that offering them at all isn’t worth their time.

I recall our remote listing being removed because it had the words ‘Kodi compatible’ in the title. eBay removed it for facilitating piracy…