Vero 4K+ forgets wifi password on reboot

My Vero 4K+ has a very annoying habit of forgetting the wifi password on reboot. Worst of all, it does not happen every time, except on a hard reboot (unplug the power source).

Is this a known issue? If not, is there anything I can do from the command line to keep the wifi association fixed at all times?

When you unplug the power; are you going to Power -> Shut Down first?
I’d forget the network via command line: rm -rf /var/lib/connman/wifi* and re-connect after a reboot.

Thanks for your reply Sam.

I am not going through Power->Shut Down in this case - it’s when Vero stops responding for some reason and I perform a hard reboot.

What I want is for Vero to NOT FORGET the wifi association - I have a complex password for the network and typing it in is an utter pain.

I’d forget it once and then reconnect.
You can do this over Ethernet via SSH so you can copy + paste or type the password.

That shouldn’t be happening; but let’s fix one thing at a time first.


Hey Sam,

Thank you for your help. I spent some time troubleshooting my network, it seems the issue went away when I optimised my network setup. I’m guessing the issue probably lied on the router’s side.

The problem of lack of response persist though - I wrote it up here: Vero 4K+ interface stops responding with autofs.