Vero 4k+ freezes, drops from network, wreaks havoc on HDMI CEC after October update

Hi, @sam_nazarko

My Vero 4k+ has started to show some worrisome symptoms since the October update.

I first noticed it when doing a network scan where the Vero didn’t show up; I tried bringing it up on my TV, only to find the box completely locked up.

Power cycling the unit gets it running again, but only temporarily.

Apart from locking up and dropping from the network, CEC has problems on my other devices (TV, Receiver) until I power cycle the Vero.

Got logs, but did have to do a power cycle to be able to get them off the Vero:

Any ideas of what the problem might be?

Can you try plugging the Vero directly into the TV and see if the symptoms persist.


I could give it a try, but it would take some effort because of my setup. Is something in the logs pointing you in this direction?

Also, just to underscore: this only began after the latest update. Has never been an issue before.

Logs don’t show anything obvious

You have two different issues your talking about. The first is the networking thing which I see in the log you were scraping your audio library. This process in Kodi slams the system and even more so when you are scraping a network source. I assume this issue will probably clear up once you finish that scan. The CEC issue is what make me think to suggest to try plugging directly into the TV. In your log it isn’t showing EDID from your display or that Denon receiver. The switch was to try to isolate the issue. If it is not an easy thing to do perhaps you could try unplugging the TV and AVR from the wall for a few minutes to try to reset the CEC.

A funny thing: I don’t have an audio library. No audio sources that I’ve configured in OSMC, no network shares for sharing music. So what is up with that?

I only did a quick glance at that and it would seem I may have been mistaken about that being a library scan. I saw a lot of entries like…

DEBUG: GetArtistsByWhereJSON - query took 1 ms

followed by a bunch of images getting converted and got that confused with a scan. I’m not sure what was making the queries. I would suggest trying the Estuary or OSMC skin just to rule out a skin issue


I switched skins back to Estuary, and lo and behold: everything is fine.

Will switch back to my previous skin as a final confirmation test.

Weird that this also impacted CEC, though.

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