Vero 4k+ freezes on video start (mp4, AVC)

Maybe nothing, maybe make your videos playable who knows but considering its a process that takes a free tool and one mouse click its worth trying

I will try that.

I extracted some more information


I read about “Adjust Refresh Rate?”
I will try that tot

Failing that – please send us a link to a sample file so we can look in to this.


Unfortunately I was not able to test anything yet

<sample file>
Sugestions for more ideas are welcomed

Outstanding Tests:

  • Different rotations
  • Phone camera: HDR on/off
  • Phone camera: video stabilizer on/off
  • MKV merge
  • Enable: Adjust Refresh Rate
  • Log files ?

I added information about my setup to the first post

If you turn off HDR as a quick test; does it work?

HDR via AVC is not something I think we have seen before.


It should not cause a problem. We won’t send an incompatible signal.
Can you try turning off HDR on your camera as a quick test? Sorry if it was unclear on which device I was instructing you to disable HDR on.


sorry, currently on the road, till friday. With no acces to my new ‘toy’

Files for testing are prepared.
Next feedback hopefully on saturday

Thanks for the fast support

No problem – keep us posted.

My wife made it possible to test some files

Video settings Galaxy S7

UHD (3840x2160) / HDR on/off/auto /different rotations → freeze
changed the resolution to FHD (HDR auto)
Video is playing (with stuttering at the beginning)

HDR is not the problem.
I just learned the following

Translated: Recording in UHD the following features will not be available: HDR, …
Too bad Samsung is not greying these options out when UHD is selected

Vero is not freezing on video start
It starts to buffer
after a while it starts playing without showing a picture
“playback” continues over the end of the clip
The moment I press Stop on the remote → freeze
Kept it over night on the frozen screen, still frozen


Played the files from an external drive
FHD without problems, need to investigate my network

UHD still the same behavior

Enabled “adjust refresh rate”
Same results

This actually helped. Different MKV that I merged from my mp4 files play fine.
The rotation of the videos is messed up.
Is it possible to rotate mkv ? Right now I have playable files that are not watchable

Mp4 still freezes

That might be useful info for @sam_nazarko

Without a sample and logs, it’s not much use unfortunately.


please tell me the paths and names of the log files you wish

sample file was provides last week.

new one <sample file>
sorry for the speed, slow upload at home

information regarding the sample file
resolution UHD / rotation upright

please come back to me if more sample files are needed

clips with different settings available

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This explains how to obtain the logs of interest.

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did you have the chance to take a look ?

Can you now try this with a Kodi v18 test build? Rotation issues should be solved.


Thanks for the support!

I installed the latest nightly.
Not sure if I did it correctly.
I followed these steps.

Behavior slightly changed. Still freezes


anything new on this topic