Vero 4K fried CPU

Hey OSMC Team,

this is not supposed to be a support ticket in the sense that I need your help, it’s more an update to what could happen to a Vero 4k. I’ve been running it since it came out, and it was always on, so maybe that’s the reason why the CPU got fried, but maybe it’s an overheating issue that you could look into for next generations of Vero 4K devices.

I’m attaching a photo of my unit, and I think it’s the CPU, it had passive cooling so it only makes sense that it’s the CPU. Let me know what you think could’ve happened here.

The device shouldn’t overheat in a way that could ever cause this damage. The majority of users leave their machines on 24/7 for years at a time. I have several that stay on all the time and are stressed extensively as they are used for builds constantly.

There is thermal throttling which would prevent this and if your device was overheating regularly, there would be signs of this (the system will shut off when critical temperatures are reached). So if this happened suddenly, I suspect something else is the issue.

I have seen this before where the SoC is physically warped on the board. This occurred when a customer used the wrong power supply on the device (18v if memory serves).

Hey Sam!

thanks for your quick reply! Amazing, you’re right, I’ve checked the power supply and it seems it fried up. There’s the smell of burned electronics which i don’t smell on the Vero 4K unit, so chances are it still works!

I’ll check it with another one if I find one in my stash that fits…

I’ve attached a photo of the faulty power supply.

I don’t think another power supply will resolve the issue, given the appearance of the board. It wouldn’t hurt to try though. The device could be powered by using a USB-A cable if it is functional.

You can contact and we can look in to this.

It “works” when connected via USB-A, and by works i mean the light goes red and quickly blue. I didn’t have the possibility to connect it to a screen. Thx for the tip regarding power over USB :slight_smile:

Then surprisingly, the device seems to be booting.