Vero 4K General Discussion

:wink: - we can probably guess from the title alone.

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When will you publish the technical specs?

All details will be revealed when the device goes on sale

Oh oh suspens…! :grinning:

And idea of a date ? 1, 2 or 3 month ?

Thank you.

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Very exiting :slight_smile:

While waiting, we can speculate about what the Vero3 will be based on, my guess would be Amlogic S905 or S905X

What do you think?

Hurry up before I spend my €€€s on something else :yum:

You won’t be disappointed.
The wait is nearly over – I promise.

We have been making sure everything is ready to go and trying to make sure we will have enough units on launch day.



Hi Sam,
Long time waiting for the money to update my Vero 1 can you give me an idea how much Vero 3 will be as the Family will be getting 4 and want to let them know.



How much longer for the new Vero 4k? The suspense is killing me!


Now announced

Does it really only have a 100meg Ethernet connection…? Sorry to bring a downer on release day, but if thats not a typo its a dealbreaker IMO.

It’s correct, not a typo. But it’s also not a deal breaker. At 100Mbps:

  • You can play high bitrate 4K rips
  • You can stream 2 Full HD movies at once

You won’t need more bandwidth, but if you did, you could attach a USB Ethernet adapter. Keep in mind that we had Gigabit Ethernet on Vero 1, and that caused problems with scenarios like Flow Control which is not always configurable on unmanaged switches found in the home environment.

100Mbps is sufficient for Vero 4K to play content available today and in the future.


Will there also be the opportunity to boot android? In other words: Will you provide an android version to boot from like you did for Vero 2?


This depends on demand.

We will probably do this if enough people want it, and we would offer an Android release that boots from SD card. However there is no initial Android release today.


Hmmmmm. I’m sure you’ve done your testing, but i can’t see how it could manage with high bitrate files which can require upto 200mbps. I mean this is PROBABLY never going to be an issue for me at least, but it makes it a harder choice since your device doesn’t offer any advantages (that i can see?) over all the other similarly priced and cheaper boxes.

I’m not aware of cheaper boxes that will run OSMC (five years updates) + HEVC/10-bit/4K at this time. Gigabit Ethernet can cause a lot of problems with consumer devices, so we avoided it.

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Oh no, you’re right there. And i DO prefer osmc to android, so i’m still considering it and may well just go for it :slight_smile:

Maybe i didn’t get the right information yet, but is the Vero 4K based on the OSMC debian Jessie type or android?
I hope the 1e option, because i need all the specs of the Vero 4K with the OSMC debian Jessie OS variant!

Please can you confirm this? Because i already have the VPN feature working with a RPi2 beautifully!
Has that box also the abillity of dual boot to android? or just OSMC? Because i read somewhere before that you can switch between them with a button?

It’s not Android, it’s Debian.