Vero 4K+ goes into a Reboot loop at "please wait..." when external USB drive connected

I decided to go ahead with a fresh clean install on my Vero 4K+ from an USB stick with 2020.11 build.
The update went through without any problems and I could configure the basic settings. The problem started when I removed the USB stick and connected my dual USB HDD dock. Vero gets i to an endless reboot loop at “please wait…” until I have the HDDs connected. If I disconnect it, it boots perfectly and after that I can reconnect the HDDs which just works fine.

The whole setup worked fine before the clean install, so both the HDDs andnthe dock is fine, there must be something in the new install which causing this issue.

Can soneone help me out to cure this problem?


My guess is that the dock is not providing enough power during the boot stage.

The quickest way to confirm this would be to remove one drive and try booting (try removing each drive).

If you can boot with one drive, I’d suspect it’s power related.

If the drives are Seagate branded, then there’s a firmware issue (should be able to update) which fixes this



Hi Sam,

Thanks for the quick answer. I will give it a try, however I don’t think it will be a power issue as I was using this setup before the full clean setup with the earlier image without any issues, and its a premium dual hdd dock with a strong external power supply. I only use WD HDDs.
Obviously the HDDs were not connected at the time of reinstall from USB stick, could it be that this causing any issues?

Hi Sam, I did a quick test and it gets to the blue screen immediately if there’s only one drive in the dock.
Weird. It was working fine with the earlier builds and did not change anything.
And if the power is not sufficient why is it not a problem if I connect the drives after the blue screen or the skin loaded?

Thanks, Csaba

There may be too much power demand when spinning up both drives at the same time