Vero 4K+ grinding to a halt during playback

I’ve had a problem a few times now, where my Vero 4K+ has spontaneously stopped during playback. The video seems to slow right down to just a few frames per second and then finally stop altogether, and the box becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes I have to reboot.

I’ve attempted to capture some logs, although that wasn’t easy, as the issue happens unpredictably:

Any suggestions?

You seem to be on the staging repository or have used it very recently.
This is not currently stable.

Yeah, I was trying out the Java blu ray menus thing. I deactivated staging after installing that (a few weeks ago, I think) - would it be a good idea to turn staging back on?

You’ll need to wait for it to become stable again or reinstall.

Okay, I reinstalled, and I’m still getting what looks like the same problem. I didn’t have debug logging enabled this time, but here are some logs anyway:

(Note that the previous logs posted higher up the thread were debug-enabled, so they may be more useful).

So, any thoughts, @sam_nazarko ?

Did you try a fresh install without restoring from backup?

Did you check playback from local storage?


Yes. It was still crashing.

No. I’ll give that a try, but I’m not sure how informative that will be, given that the crashes happen unpredictably - sometimes things play through without any problems. So if something plays correctly from local storage that might just be a coincidence.