Vero 4K h265 HDR movies banding / pixelated

Edit: this is now fixed in the latest software.

Hey guys,

I’ve been researching this a lot to try to find answers and a solution but I can’t seem to find a fix. Some of my h265 movies in HDR have this crazy banding / pixelation problem. They play fine when directly plugged into my LG C7 so I know it is not the files themselves, these are remux’s, not compressed. But it occurs on the compressed files too. It occurs mainly in skies.

I have the HDR autoswitching on, but it feels like it isn’t switching correctly. I also have the adjust refresh rate to always.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m reading that maybe the LG TV itself is the problem which would suck…
I’ve enclosed a screenshot.

You can manually set 10-bit output until HDR autoswitching is improved.
This fixes banding and flickering on LG OLED sets.

See [TESTING] 4K HDR playback with banding & flickering fixes - #226 by sam_nazarko


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Thanks, this worked great!

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Thanks for confirming. This won’t be necessary in the very near future (next couple of weeks).