Vero 4k Hanewin NFS stopped working

I rebooted my PC with the latest version of Hanewin NFS (going from 1.21 to the latest version) and everything broke down!

I know this might be more of a Hanewin issue but there is no support from there so I hope someone can help me here because none of my NFS shares work.

My Hanewin Export Settings are

# exports example
# please read doc for a list of all options
# drive letters should be in upper case, because file-id returns upper case
#   by default (option setting) they are mapped to lower case for clients
# Option -range restricts access to specified address range
#   a list of addresses restricts to these clients only
# Option -readonly prohibits create/write/delete
# Option -name:<x> makes folder for clients avalailable as /<x>
# Option -maproot:<uid> maps unix root to specified <uid>
#   without it uid root -> uid NOBODY
# Option -alldirs allows clients to mount folder or any subfolder
# Use UNC path specification for access to remote drive
# Hidden volumes without a drive letter can be mounted by volume GUID
#C:\ftp -range
#C:\video -readonly
#C:\server -alldirs -name:server -maproot:0 -range
#\\router\FRITZ.NAS\SanDisk-U3CruzerMicro-00 -name:fritz
#\\?\Volume{6afa3aa3-1b38-11e6-a140-0000fbaa0005}\ -name:drive1

t:\Shows     -readonly
e:\Movie     -readonly
d:\Anime     -readonly
t:\Shows     -name:Shows -readonly
e:\Movie     -name:Movies -readonly
d:\Anime     -name:Anime -readonly
a:\Audiobooks -name:Audiobooks -readonly
k:\Movies -name: Films -readonly
k:\Movies -name: Films -readonly

I’ve used these settings for years but in the client they now show up as “line 31 ignored, invalid client” .

I hope someone can help me because I was once told to use Hanewin by someone from here a long time ago.

Fixed it, typing error.

k:\Movies - name: Films

Should be k:\Movies -name:Films.

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