Vero 4K+ Harmony Infrared remote - Very Slow Response


I added the Vero to my Harmony 350 universal remote control (IR only) today.

On the Harmony software there is a device profile “OSMC Vero” which works with the Vero 4K+, without having to make any settings changes on OSMC.

Although the Vero will register all button presses even if entered rapidly, they are executed very slowly - maybe 1/3 or 1/2 a second per button press.

In comparison, control via CEC (also infrared, and using the Harmony in TV mode) is very quick, but I lose access to the menu and info buttons (which the TV keeps).

Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Actually while comparing the CEC control vs direct, I noticed one of the main differences is that when using the Vero direct, the button press will not be registered until the button is released. Whereas with CEC its registered as soon as you press.
Although repeat button presses can be achieved by pressing and releasing at least once, and then pressing and holding.
Maybe there is some setting that can be changed there; I think it could make a difference.

Does your Harmony support Bluetooth? You may find the performance faster.

No, it’s an Infra-red only remote.

You may find that some profiles are faster. I think the default profile is RC5 which you may find slow.


I’ll try some of the others later today.

I also have a harmony 350 and found delays for all devices, which for a couple of years i just lived with. However you can change the delay by following the instructions here: Fixing Input Delays

For me, in the desktop software i lowered the delay to 0 and although its not real-time its far snappier. Dont know why it doesnt default to 0, but maybe its not the best default for all devices.

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Thanks for that: I probably wont’ have a chance to give it a go until tomorrow.
I did actually look at the inter-key delay, but because I found the value was, as you say, the default, and hence the same for all devices, I assumed it would make no difference, as I don’t have any issues with other devices.

Something I also found is that the RC6 MCE profile is a bit more responsive too. The reason is that kodi will respond to a button press, instead of waiting for the button to be released, which is the case with the default profile.

Hi @jahutchi
That didn’t make any difference for me. I think it’s because the issue for me was not the number of button presses per second that are successfully sent by the Harmony, (which even with the Harmony default of 100ms should allow 10 p er second). The issue is that those commands are queued and then executed quite slowly by the Vero.
I’m still finding CEC to be much faster.
Thanks for the suggestion though.