Vero 4K & Hauppage WinTV 955Q

Can I use the Vero 4K with the WinTV 955Q USB stick and enjoy watching and recording TV interrupted?

I bought a Hauppage WinTV 955Q to receive OTA TV and plugged it into my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
Watching TV was not a pleasant experience, playback freezes every couple of mins, probably because of the limited abilities of the Pi. I even installed TV headend to a separate RasPi, small improvement but still not good enough.

I prefer to use the TV tuner I already have and plug only one device to ethernet.

Thanks for any advice !

With the output of lsusb or dmesg we can likely confirm this for you


Hey Sam,

Could you clarify please? I m still very new to this…

  1. Install usbutils sudo apt-get install usbutils
  2. run dmesg | paste-log and lsusb | paste-log
  3. Post the two URLS shown here

To execute this you need to go to command line.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

It doesn’t look like you hade the Hauppage Stick plugged in when you created this logs, or?

Well, I have now :slight_smile: Thanks.
I am using a powered USB hub to make sure power is not a factor.

Like mentioned above, I am able to view channels, but the quality of playback makes them unwatchable.

Hi Yianni,

how is the signal receiving intensity with the antenna used? This very remembers me on first tries to receive German DVB-T2 with a weak aerial.
If you use the Tvheadend HTSP client to watch the Live TV, try the info or debug screen. With the OSMC DVB-T dongle on the Vero4k I could see signal strength value in percent which very helped to position my active antenna to a place which offered then stable Live TV. But could depend on the ability of the used DVB-T stick.