Vero 4k+: HDMI audio for Kodi, analog jack for something else?

I have connected the Vero 4k+ with HDMI to my AVR, so the analog output jack is unused.

I want to additionally use the Vero 4k+ as a RTP audio receiver, and play the audio only through the analog output (but not on HDMI). While Kodi is running. This way I simply could switch between Kodi and music on the AVR, by selecting either HDMI input or analog input.

But how do I output audio on the analog output?
At a first look I thought that using ALSA device “dmix:CARD=AMLMESONAUDIO,DEV=2” should do the job.
But it does not, output is silent. Playing around in alsamixer did not help.

Any clue, anyone?

The HDMI, S/PDIF and DAC devices are bound together in the kernel (use the same clocks) and not exposed as separate ALSA devices. I don’t think what you want is acheivable.

Wow, that’s a quick reply!
Ok, I’ll stop experimenting and better add a cheap USB soundcard then.