Vero 4k + in Reboot Loop Since Update

Hi. I’m running a completely standard install (out of the box + regular upgrades) 4K+. I’ve been busy, so only just loaded the May update, as I use manual updates.

Since it installed the first time (just over an hour ago), the box has been in a reboot loop, either going straight into the next after reaching the menu, or waiting just under two minutes before doing so.

The only unusual feature is that the initial install sent my screen (an old 1080i Fujitsu plasma via HDMI through a Yamaha AV Receiver) into [Out of Range] warning, indicating a video signal it couldn’t handle, but that resolved after the initial install completed.

I’ve tried unplugging the unit for a couple of minutes (after it reached the menu screen), but the problem persists after powering it back up. I’ve now unplugged it again as it’s going nowhere fast.

This is the first problem I’ve had with this superb piece of kit since I got it from you in 2018, and I simply can’t afford a Vero V, so any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

It could be a failing power supply.
If you have A-A USB Cable you could try to power the Vero via USB instead of the power plug

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In addition to @fzinken: If any other USB device is connected other than the remote control dongle, please remove it before booting to keep power consumption as low as possible.
If this works, it would be another indication that the power supply is at the end of its life.

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Thank you, folks. Looks like the initial update failed due to PSU issues. Fortunately I bought a spare a few years ago, and swapping that in has allowed the update to complete. I’ll advise if there are any further problems, but it’s been stable for the update and 30 mins since, so all’s looking good.