Vero 4K in standby stops ARC from TV to Denon AVR

When I have my Vero 4K shutdown (red LED), and it is connected to my Denon AVR, my Sony TV/Denon AVR don’t properly handle ARC audio from the TV to AVR. (ARC = Audio Return Channel - the way a TV sends audio back to the AVR the ‘wrong way’ down an HDMI cable.) As a result my AVR doesn’t get audio from my Freeview tuner, my Smart TV apps etc.

When I disconnect my Vero 4K, all comes good. Anyone any idea why? Is the Vero 4K doing something odd to the CEC path when it is powered down (but now powered off)?

Only solution seems to be to disconnect the Vero 4K when not using it.

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This is indeed a known issue with our UBoot. When we release our new standby mode support, this will be resolved.