Vero 4k + included remote control stopped working

Weird issue, the remote control that is included in the Vero 4k + stopped working. I have changed the batteries out and still nothing

I usually use my logitech remote through HDMI to control the Vero 4k + , recently I dug out the remote to use that and it would not wokr at all.

I notice in the remote profile the default remote is selected, Anything else i can do? Hope something is not physically broke

You probably need to just repair the remote:

  • Remove the USB from Vero 4K / Pi
  • Hold Home and OK button for 5 seconds or so, then the blue LED will keep flashing.
  • Plug in the USB receiver and the LED should flash 3 times after 5 seconds, indicating successful pairing.
  • Power off Vero 4K / Pi for 2 minutes. Turn it back on. The remote should now work.

If you’ve not used the remote for some time, it probably needs re-pairing as explained above.

Also make sure you have the USB receiver plugged in