Vero 4k is getting quite hot (50°)

Hi guys.
The title says it all. Do I have to be concerned?
Maybe a vertical stand would be a good solution, as the air flow is not really good with the vents at the bottom and only a small gap between bottom and ground.


I’m assuming 50 degrees is in centigrade?

If that is the case, I wouldn’t consider that too hot.

Also how are you taking this measurement? I wasn’t aware that the vero4k is currently reporting any temperature readings back, even from the command line.

Thanks Tom.

Indeed. I’ll get around to re-adding it but it’s been low on the list.

50c is fine. At 85c you’ll start to see throttling.

I am not using the Vero outside, so, yes, metric system. :smile:
I was using an infrared thermometer. Both sides showed similar values. I can only guess the inside temperature…
Personally, I think 50 degrees is quite hot for a devices outside temp, and I repeat, design wise the cooling holes on the underside are not the best decision.

@osmc_fan I’m nosey: Was the Vero active just before the measurement like playing a video or was it idle and you measure this temperatur all the time?

No. Just the screensaver running.

Thx, never spent any thought about the temperature but reading your topic I put my hand on my Vero 4k which is online 24 x 7 … it is quite warm, so seems to be absolute normal like Sam said.