Vero 4k+ is got no Update


my Vero 4K+ got no updates via scheduler or manual trigger. I’ve got the version 2020 2020.11-1. I’ve tried sudo apt get-update and sudo apt dist-upgrade but got only 404 errors. I’ve triggert the update manually and uploaded the logs ( xolikezuzi)
I’ve tried the hotfix ucawobahij but the vero ist still stuck on the current version. Any ideas :(?

You are probably too out of date in order to be able to catch up now, you’ll like need to perform a reinstall


is a reinstall possible via SSH?

No. If you click on the “download” link at the top of this site it has instructions on how to reinstall which needs an SD card or USB storage device that is prepared with the installation files on a PC.

Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC has you covered.

Thanks! A reinstall was the solution :slight_smile:

I’ve got the same issue. So I’ll try reinstalling tonight.
I really hope I can easily connect to my PC again afterwards. I was struggling 4 years ago with that.

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Yes, that also solved my problem.
Unfortunately took me quite some time again to connect to my PC, but I managed in the end.

I’m glad it’s working now. So we can help advise other users in the future – which version of Windows did you have an issue with?

Well, it’s not necessarily an issue with a Windows version, but more generally. That having said, I have Windows 10 Pro with shared folders.

My issue is more that my previous mediaplayer was plug and play. Connect it to the network, browse to homegroup and voilà, my shares showed up.
This one isn’t. I managed a few years ago, but forgot what I did, so I had to figure it out again. And I’m not a pc guru.

I’ve read “File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device
But that looks intimidating to me; “fstab”, “autofs”, “sudo mkdir /mnt/mySharedDrive”, etc. And then talking about ssh’ing etc, no idea what that is.

My parents would never get this player running for example. I would like an “idiots guide to connect to pc” with screenshots; something like this:

So what I did:
Connected a keyboard to the Vero 4k.
I went to Settings-> SMB client → minimum version v2; maximum version v3.
Not even sure if that’s needed by the way, I remembered something about that.

Then to the “add network location” page. (Don’t recall how I got there.)
[add screenshot]

Protocol: SMB
Server name: [show here the PC’s name with screenshot of PC; e.g. srb12_PC]
shared folder: leave empty
user name: fill in your Windows username
password: fill in you Windows password
[explicitly mention one must have a password. Few years ago I didn’t know at first, causing issues]

Then go to home again; videos-> files-> and lookup your pc.
This works fine for me with 4K HDR files. So perhaps the other way is faster, but this is enough to stream video.

When I wrote that wiki I kind of assumed file sharing through Kodi’s GUI was self-explanatory (or at least covered elsewhere) but we’ll take up your suggestion. It still needs to cover what’s needed on the Windows side, which in my experience is the really difficult bit.

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