Vero 4K+ isn't working

I tried to use my `Vero today and it wouldn’t turn on. I unplugged the psu and re-plugged it. I then got a screen saying “please standby” then a blue screen with the osmic logo, then nothing. I’ve removed everything connected to it, usb, ir extender, lan cable with no difference. I left it off for 30 minutes and tried again, same result.
I only got it a few weeks ago and used it for a couple of hours, its been on standby for a couple of weeks.
I’ve read a few posts describing something similar pointing to a suspect psu, so I tried plugging a usb a- usb a into a 5v 2.5A psu and into the usb on the Vero, nothing happened, although I can see the red light behind the optical connection come on.
Any ideas what might be the problem ?


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