Vero 4K+ keeps restarting

I came back after a while and my Vero was off. So I unplugged it and plugged again and after that Vero keeps restarting. At first I could see a blink of the interface, but now I can see only logo and then restart. I made a new SD card with install but nothing changed. Only at start, red cross in front of the device flashes for a while, then I can see a logo and then series of restarts. So I cannot log into the device to look for log file.

If you have any devices plugged into it that draw a significant amount of power (ie bus powered hard drive or tuner) try without those plugged in. Otherwise I would try another power supply of the same spec or testing it powered with a USB A-A cable.

It was poser supply all along. I bought a new one and it works.

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