Vero 4k+: Library scan not working anymore

Hi all,

my Vero 4k+ doesn’t want to add new TV shows to the library anymore. I guess it started with the latest update, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for your help!

Do you have an example as that will make it easier to check the logs

Sorry, here are some examples:


Was not scanned in your logs

2020-11-07 08:20:53.572 T:3963793632   DEBUG: scraper: GetEpisodeList returned <episodeguide></episodeguide>
2020-11-07 08:20:53.573 T:3963793632 WARNING: No information found for item 'smb://QNAP-NAS/Multimedia/videos/shows/The Mandalorian/', it won't be added to the library.

May need to at a nfo file to give the scraper some hint. Or add the year as there are multiple series in different years

If you navigate to The Walking Dead in your library and bring up the information window for the show (not an episode) and in that screen you press refresh, telling it all episodes and ignore local, does the new episode show up?

As for the Jillian Michaels stuff you have to move at least some of those files to being in with your movies as that is how they a classified at You would also need to rename to match the title the TMDB (ie remove “level x”).