Vero 4k light won't come on or boot

Hi so as the title says the light blinks red when i insert the power supply into the socket and when i take it out.

There is no HDMI output and nothing that happens other than the red flash.

Everything worked fine until earlier today and nothing has happened to provoke any change.

Any help?

Sounds like a power supply issue. Do you have an alternative supply (5V 2A, +ve pin) to try?

Indeed, it could be a PSU issue.

How long have you had the device? Is it connected directly to the wall or via an extension chord?


I only received the device last week.
I tried different power sockets all over the house and it gave the same results unfortunately.

Haven’t found an alternative power supply

If you give me your order number, I’ll get a new PSU out for you


Awesome thanks!
It was Order #16426

We’ve shipped this for you now.