Vero 4K + Marantz + Samsung TV Powering off


I am running a Vero 4K (17.8-412) -> HDMI -> Marantz SR5012 -> HDMI -> Samsung Series 8 55" .

I also have an Apple TV 4 and a PS4 connected to the Marantz.

I have an issue where the Samsung TV will power off during video playback from Kodi. This doesn’t happen on other devices connected to the AMP/TV.

I have enabled “Keep Audio Device Alive” and “send low volume noise” within Kodi settings.

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this issue but will provide any info that may help?

The first thing I would suggest to try is to remove the ATV and PS4 to see if the problem still happens. If it fixes the problem, then connect them one at a time to see which is causing the issue.

Good idea. Will do.

If this persists, please post a debug log so we can see what’s happening



I know this is old, totally forgot to update the thread. I think I narrowed the issue down to the PS4 sending out a shutdown signal to the TV when it left standby mode and powered down.

It’s not doing it anymore, and I reconfigured the way the PS4 is connected, as well as received a PS4 software upgrade around the same time it stopped happening, so no conclusive as to what actually rectified the issue.

Thanks for your assistance.

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