Vero 4K+: max audio sampling rate for multi-channel over HDMI

Hello everyone!

I’d like to know what is the maximum sampling rate that Vero 4K+ can reproduce when using high-definition audio tracks like Dolby TrueHD (ATMOS) and DTS HD-MA (DTS:X) over HDMI.

I’ve been searching for this to make a comparison with the Shield TV, that says it can do 48kHz for multi-channel, like the picture bellow:

I saw that Vero says it can do 192kHz, but so do the ShieldTV…the only detail is that for Shield it’s not when doing multi-channel.

Or am I missing something and this does not apply when doing passthrough?

Thank you!

For passthrough, you are only limited by the codec limitations. For example, Dolby TrueHD supports 192KHz only up to 5.1 channels, and 96KHz with more channels.

If you have the Vero decode the audio and send it as PCM (by disabling passthrough), you are limited by the HDMI support of your AVR. The Vero can send up to 8 channels of 24-bit PCM at 192KHz. I don’t know of any source for that many channels of that high a quality audio, but the Vero will send it if your AVR reports that it can support it over HDMI.

The Vero won’t up-convert to higher sample rates or bitrates, so if the media has only 16-bit, 48KHz (for example), that’s what will be sent.

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Thank you very much, @nabsltd!

I still don’t own a Vero 4K+, but I´m considering between it or the Shield TV.

I like what I saw about the Vero 4K+ and since I already own a Apple TV 4K and don’t plan on playing Android Games…maybe I’ll be the first person in Brazil owning a Vero 4K+! :smile:

We stopped shipping to Brazil some time ago, as we don’t certify the device with Anatel. The market share is unfortunately too low for us to justify it at this time.

We can ship it elsewhere and you can import it, but we are not able to ship there directly.


Sam, I’ll be in the US in July. Do you know how long does it take usually to get there?

Iirc, it was about 8 days to the Atlanta area last time I took a shipment from Sam.

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The US is vast. It can vary from 5-7 days, usually it’s about 6 days.

We also have US resellers who will be able to get it to you a bit faster.

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Ok! Thank you all! :slight_smile: