Vero 4K micro SD not locking

Hi guys, I am very pleased with my new V4K after about one week of testing.
Unfortunately the first problem showed up today. The micro SD card does not lock, just fall out from the slot. Tried few cards, upside down, no way to lock.
Sometimes it feels a bit of spring back, but no lock.
In addition the USB slots look different, very hard to insert the remote dongle, particularly the port in the middle. Are they sub 2 and 3?

Are you inserting it correctly?
Not being funny – but a few users have made the mistake before.

See System wipe issues - #5 by sam_nazarko

Don’t quite understand this question.
Don’t force anything, just take photos where you are unsure.

There is no USB port in the middle, they are located on the side of the device. Vero 4K has USB 2.0 ports, but USB 3.0 ports are not different in terms of physical connectivity.


Hi Sam, thanks for fast answer. At the end, with the contacts up I have to press it with the nail to pass inside of the box and it stays. Did not succeed to take it out yet, probably I need some tool, but it showed up in the file manager.
Is this the way shall work?

I meant usb 2 and 3, one is white and the other grey.
I don’t see a way to insert photos in this forum on the iPad

Both ports are USB 2.0, use either.

SD card will push out if you apply your nail