Vero 4K+ (mini-review)


I have played around with the Vero 4K+ for some weeks (upgraded from previous model Vero 4k). For me this device has been perfect in everything. Resolution adjusts according to source between 1080p and 2160p, the same for all framerates (including 23.976 and 24). I have not much material in 720p, 576i/480i), but would like it to be able to send that out in original resolution as well (it has been reported ;)). Output of DTS-HD.MA, TrueHD, Atmos and DTS:X works perfect (bitstream). Also with the new gigabit ethernet connection of the 4K+ all remuxed UHD blu-rays works fine as well, even without NFS (samba works fine) - I could finally throw away the annoying USB gigabit adapter used on previous model. Best of all; the much talked about bright blue light in front is gone. I use it most for blu-ray and UHD blu-ray remuxes. HDR autodetect seems to do the work in 99% of the cases; if you see banding on HDR material - and the automatic magic does not work in rare cases; just force it over to 10bit 4:4:4 and you are good.

I use the Vero 4K+ with Trinnov Altitude32 surround processor and LG OLED B7V OLED TV.

In short, no major issues - all small hardware limitations with previous model has been fixed with this one. Have not experienced any noticeable heat during heavy use either. So highly recommended.


Thanks for taking the time to post this review.

It seems like the two issues you have: HDR auto-detection and outputting videos at their original resolution will be resolved shortly as well.



One other issue I forgot to mention is the reconnet delay of bluetooth remote (read: keyboard). This takes about 5 seconds, not a big problem - but would be great if we could avoid this. I use the Harmony Elite via bluetooth on the Apple TV 4K (works without any reconnect delays here).


Someone had this issue with harmony and said it as a firmware change on Logitech end?

@Chillbo: was this you?


It was discussed in one of the Harmony threads around here. Yes, there is indeed a delay and Logitech made it even worse with the current Harmony hub firmware which now has to reconnect not only after a switch to a different Bluetooth activity, but every single time. Really annoying. But the start of all my devices takes a few seconds anyway, so it’s not a really big deal for me.

Why the delay might seem bigger on Vero than on other devices? :man_shrugging:t2: But there’s the suggestion to use a trick and control your Vero via RF with your Harmony hub (no delay, no reconnecting):


Am I right in thinking that I would need the Logitech rf dongle to achieve this?
I didn’t get the keyboard or dongles with mine.


Yes, that’s correct. The RF dongles only come with the Logitech Smart Keyboard.


You need the smart keyboard with the dongles… the dongles alone won‘t help you as you can not pair them without the keyboard… detailed instructions in the thread chillbo linked.


Cheers, but I’m not buying the Smart Keyboard thing just to eliminate the slight delay when I change activities…just clarifying that’s all.


I wouldn‘t either but I once got the keyboard + hub bundle for 40€ and that was cheaper than the hub alone would cost. Keyboard and dongles were unused before I discovered they could be useful with the Vero or other comparable devices.


Thanks for the review… although alot of the features you mention are already features of the original Vero 4K :slight_smile:


The Vero 4K+ is just an improved 4K; so a great device has just become even better. Best parts for 4K+ is the gigabit ethernet (this is a big improvement), and the removal of the annoying blue bright front-light.


The blue light change is a welcomed one for me. I currently have the original Vero4K and must admit do not notice any performance issues playing blue ray rips / HDR content over the network.


Regarding HDR blu-ray rips; it all depends of bitrate. I got big issues on many before adding a USB to gigabit ethernet adapter to the Vero 4K, after that it mostly worked out fine - but still had some issues and was required to use NFS share (samba was a no go, even with USB to gigabit ethernet adapter).

On my Vero 4k+ I get around 920Mbit/s transfer. On Vero 4K with USB gigabit ethernet adapter I got in the area 185Mbit/s, without the adapter I struggled on most new UHD blu-ray releases.