Vero 4K NAND block device corruption

Hmm doesn’t sound very safe… but at this stage I feel it would be pointless anyway. The eMMC is knackered. I don’t know what else it can be.

It’s a safe recovery procedure (just make sure you’re not using metal), but it’s best for us to replace this for you.

Fairy nuff. Hey ho… I’ll drag up the original invoice for reference.

Great – just chuck the order # on the ticket and I will process this.


So as promised Sam sent me replacement unit quick as flash even though it was technically a month and a half out of warranty.

Hooked it up, plugged it in and went through the super simple set up procedure again. Installed the xbmcBackup addon, copied cross my settings and then restored from the last backup. Sweet.

However seems to be my luck lately no sooner have I a working front end than the emby server started crashing when I was syncing my updates so bleah just another thing to do in my free time.

Still the support has been outstanding and given that mine was probably an edge case it was mighty nice of Sam to offer to exchange it in such short time.

Case closed and a right result!

All in all loving my OSMC Vero 4K again and have already played a couple of last weeks podcasts that I have missed. So much for productivity now… Oh well…