Vero 4K - need information before buying


I need some help. I would appreciate.


I am in need of a 4k with HDR box. Nothing special until here.
I have a Hue lighstrip that I want to control with kodi add-on.
Here is the issue.

On my current setup (wetek core), in order to Hue to work I need to disable amc and surface acceleration. So I am left with only the normal mediacodec one. It is working, but will see stutters at times. Especially in movies.

Also tested with libreelec/openelec. There I have only amcodec.

Will it work with Vero 4k? What acceleration does it use? Do you use it in conjunction with Hue?
On my laptop it works fine, but there I have another kind of acceleration. I know what Mediacodec is just an android API.

Thank you!

OSMC is Linux based rather than Android based, so you’ll have the libamcodec hardware acceleration library.

Can Hue be controlled with Hyperion? There are a number of users controlling lights with Hyperion on the Vero 4K


I would assume it works. I know I tried once but couldn’t manage to get it working. But it is rather my lack of knowledge than it not being compatible. The HUE lightstrip does only one color at a time.
So then it uses the same hardware acceleration as libreelec/openelec?

Yes – it uses libamcodec (same acceleration) method.

So I would have the same issue…bummer. But if I can get it to work with hyperion, it should be ok. Can anybody who did this with Hue help me ?

No experience with Hue but this should get you started:

What issue?

Amcodec is vague and varies across platforms. What you get on a Vero 4K will be different to another LE or OE device.

I think Hyperion is working pretty well on Vero 4K now, but new to check the Hyperion threads.

Issue is that with amcodec and surface acceleration Hue does not work (hue Kodi add-on, not hyperion). It does not change the colors, if I disable the two it works (but with some degree of stutters).
In libreelec/openelec where I only have amcodec, if I disable it it stutters really bad so I cannot use it. That is the reason why I ask.
Problem with hyperion is that I am a total noob and can’t get it to work. Tried already 3 months ago, also posted in their forum and got no reply at all.

What I am doing is set the Hue IP; username I got from the developer page. I do not get where I can set the number of leds (1 as the strip does just one color at a time) so I just edit the json manually and add the code after the “RGB” part. 3 months ago I received some errors, no I cannot even connect to test it. Connecting to libreleec works fine, installing hyperion as well, uploading the configuration also. It fails at testing the color change, error would be could not connect. (I don’t know why because it is clearly connected)…

That sound very much like something that needs to be raised with the Add-On developer.

For queries about addons you may be better served by the Kodi forum Kodi Community Forum - Add-on Support or by contacting the add-on developer directly.

See OSMC and Hyperion.

There’s been success getting Hyperion to run on Vero 4K, and I believe it will work for your Hue device. It might be worth asking in that thread as it will get some of the Hyperion developers attention.


Thank you, I will ask.
As for the add-on developer…original one has left the project and there are a number of others who are forking it, but in the grand scale it is dead.

it may be an idea to move to Hyperion then.


Indeed. Hyperion provides more options:

  • multiple LED’s and LED-strings supported (allowing true “ambilight”)
  • active development
  • more grabbers
  • V4L-grabber allows LED’s to be controlled by any source like BR, DVD, PS4 etc…