Vero 4K new user a few quick questions

Firstly thanks for stopping by! I recently bought the Vero 4K as an upgrade to an old android box and fire stick combo I had previously been using to sort and stream Kodi files.

The Vero 4K is working like a charm, playing all my 4K content smoothly. It took a bit of fiddling to set the resolution to change depending on the content but that’s all sorted now.

Media wise everything is great! But now I have this fancy new box, you always want more don’t you? It’s a never ending quest it seems.

1). I have an LED back strip on my TV and always wanted some ambilight goodness. Is there anyway to have the vero4k/osmc do this for me? I suspect the answer is no…

2). I’ve never really thought of this, but is there a way to use the current setup I have (hard drive to Vero4K directly) to stream content remotely when I’m off my home network? I’ve been using UPNP for years with Kodi but am wondering if there’s more I can do?

Thanks again for all your help!

The answer is Hyperion

you are wrong :yum:. this works! have a look at this thread: OSMC and Hyperion

Personally for that I would use a VPN server running on the Vero as it is the most secure way to achieve that

Thanks for the quick replies guys! I’ll look into both options. I have a sinking feeling that Hyperion maybe another rabbit hole that will drive my fiancée mad as I try and sort it out…

You might be right… then again once it was installed even my mother-in-law had to admit it was quite nice and less straining on the eyes. To be honest we barely notice it when it’s on but we sure notice it when it’s off…

That’s one long thread! Just to be clear, it seems that with the Vero 4k all I need is to install Hyperion and connect the LED strip to the USB port. No need for arduino?

Edit: ah no - that’s wrong. It seems I need a separate pi and arduino to sort that out

You don’t need a seperate pi. Just an Ardiono or something like a Teensy (which I use). Check this (old) guide which I used to build my rig: