Vero 4K newbie (usb hub questions / general setup)

Hey guys,

Really love the Vero 4K, its exactly what I was looking for coming from a WDTV live.

Firstly I was not expecting to lose a USB port for the remote RF control. I have a 2 hard disc setup for my media and was wondering what would be the best solution. I’m assuming I should use a USB hub. Do I need a powered hub? Both hard disks are powered… Should I put both hard disks through the hub or put 1 hard disk and RF controller through the hub and the other hard disk directly connected.

Is there another solution to use the RF controller without using the USB port?


If both drives are self powered then you should not need a powered hub. But you may get one anyways so if you add a drive/peripheral in the future that requires power then you are ready for it.

As to best connection, I don’t think it really matters which route you take. I personally have 4 drives connected to a hub and have no problems with that.